Disability is no excuse

Last weekend both my daughters went to compete in a karate competition in Harlow and I am proud to say they came away with no medals!

Why? Their karate club (Shin Gi Tai) were united in deciding to boycott the event because one of their team was refused entry into the veteran’s kata category…because she uses a wheelchair.

The lady in question is an accomplished karate student having recently won a local senior disability sports person of the year award, and whom I have the privilege of training with. She has beaten able bodied competitors and I can vouch for the fact that she is a tough competitor to fight!

Since joining the club she has never let her disability hold her back, including attending the body combat class for fitness before the martial arts class every Wednesday. She is fit, strong, agile and skilled. A great example of how nothing should hold you back from reaching your goals, not even a disability.