Book Review: 'The Body Book' by Cameron Diaz

Do you want a comprehensive guide to becoming healthy?

Then ‘The Body Book’ by Cameron Diaz could be for you.

 I found this easy-to-read book is a great antidote to the vast array of conflicting and complicated advice you can sift through daily on the internet. 

Having undertaken research with experts in medicine, nutrition, fitness and psychology, Cameron takes you on a journey of how our diets have evolved to our own detriment over the years, how our bodies work at a basic level and how we can educate ourselves to get back to eating and exercising healthily, no matter what age or shape we are.

 Primarily aimed at Women, Cameron herself has cleaned up her own nutrition and discovered the joy of exercise over the years and so writes from a position of her own self education and empowerment:

 She writes in the introduction:

“Here’s what this book is not: It is not a diet book. It is not a workout regimen, It is not a manual to becoming a different person.

 Here’s what it is: a guide to becoming yourself. Because as you begin to learn more and more about your body, something amazing starts to happen: you begin to transform, on the inside and outside. You start to see how being healthy brings happiness into your life, how good it feels to be strong and able, how feeling good on the inside has an effect on everything else in your life.”

 The first half of the book centres around food with chapters entitled:

  1. You are what you eat
  2. Food, glorious food!
  3. Hunter, gatherer, drive-thru-er
  4. Complex carbs are energy
  5. Fat is essential
  6. Protein is strength

There are some basic biology lessons here but she makes the science bits easy to grasp and her casual style of writing is easy to follow, often drawing from her great sense of humour.

 She then moves on through exercise, exploring how our bodies are designed to be strong, fit and healthy, yet we are making them the exact opposite by:

 “living in a world where you can drive through the drive-thru, flop down in a chair to work all day, and spend your evening on the couch, in front of the tv, before you crawl off to your cosy bed.”

 But Cameron doesn’t leave you with the problem, she offers easy ways to keep your body moving.

The way she writes about exercise actually makes you want to get off your sofa and move, which for a beginners guide to becoming healthy is just the motivation you might need to take that first step.

“Sometimes when you’re sitting around, your body wants energy, and you misinterpret it as hunger and have a snack. But here’s what your body wants: to MOVE.

 Your body gains energy from movement. Your body is saying, I need to stay awake. And what it really wants is oxygen. Because oxygen is a form of energy for the cells in your body, your muscles, ligaments, tendons and organs. If you’re not giving your body oxygen, you’re starving it, just as when you don’t give it the right nutrition…”

So if you want a read that educates and motivates you to treat your body well without having to make drastic life changes, or depriving yourself, this could be the book for you. Happy reading!