As Nike says...Just Do It

Achieving weight loss, fitness or sporting success is about just ‘doing it’. Over…and over…and over again!

Last weekend both my daughters went to the Wales Open Karate Championships. This was their last competition of the season and they both came away with medals. When I tell people that both girls (aged 13 and 11) are black belts and compete all over the country they are impressed. But the reality is that they have got where they are, not just by talent or attitude, but through consistency of training and positive encouragement from family members as well as having great coaches who are world champions themselves.

Any successful sportsperson has got where they are, primarily by just ‘doing it’. By going to practice again and again, by going when they don’t feel like it, or when other activities seem more attractive in the short term, or importantly when parents don’t give in at the first sign of their child’s reluctance to go to training or to exercise.

If we can instil in our children that having a sport or form of regular exercise is just as important as school or friendships it will stay with them for life, whether or not they choose to compete at a higher level. My sport was badminton…my Dad played badminton, squash, cricket, volleyball and helped me with my training. My cousin was a successful gymnast, her mum was a P.E. teacher and her young daughter is a successful diver. What we do and encourage as parents will pass down to our children, and in the future, to their children, creating a positive pattern of active lifestyle through future generations.