3 steps to easy gym success

Here are my 3 steps for achieving easy gym success:

  1. Gain Confidence
  2. Build Knowledge
  3. Create Programmes

For some people just entering a busy gym can be daunting, so having an instructor to show you how equipment works is a real confidence booster.

Once you have that confidence the next step is building some knowledge on what type of exercises to do in the gym to have an enjoyable and effective workout.

Finally the last step is knowing how to create a programme to meet your specific goals, that challenges you on a week by week basis and ensures you continue to progress towards your goals.

Karen gave me confidence. I really enjoy the sessions and have progressed with the programmes she created for me

Jan, Basingstoke

Wherever you are on your journey to better health, fitness, weight loss, toning or strength, think about what it is you need to get you to the next step, try and focus on that piece before doing everything at once as it makes it much easier to keep moving forward.

Jan came to me earlier this year with the objective of creating more muscle tone. She had some confidence in the gym but needed some extra help in building her knowledge:

I needed to get some variety into my training, I’d been doing the same variation on a theme for some time so I got in touch with Karen.  She assessed my ability and came up with programmes each week.  I loved the variety of bespoke circuits and doing things that I didn’t necessarily think I could do, like weights, really adding to my enjoyment of pushing myself where I wouldn’t have normally. 

Karen also gave me nutritional advice, and I have introduced changes into my eating habits which have made such a difference.   I would thoroughly recommend Karen and her methods and will carry on what she had taught me and continue to focus on building on my strength in my training sessions.

Jan, Basingstoke

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat through where you are and where you want to get to. I'm here to help.